'¡Mexicanas al grito de guerra!' for Malvestida's #8M
Illustration for this year's International Women's day, portraying the horrific struggle women face against gender-based violence in Mexico.
Doors II : 'Azul'
Illustration about coming home to oneself after grieving the person you used to be.
'Reclain Your Power' for Elle Magazine Mexico
Illustration for Elle's monthly column about reclaiming your sexual power as a woman.
'The Power of Color' for Glocal Design Magazine Mexico
Editorial illustration for Glocal Magazine printed issue for an article about the power of COLOR.
'The Guide' by Travel + Leisure Mexico
A series of six illustrations exploring wellness and luxury body care for a printed issue of Travel + Leisure.
#Cambia la historia : Journalist Portraits
Part of an illustration project created within Estudio Infanta for the website Cambia la historia for DW Akademie. 
The Business of Travel for Travel + Leisure Mexico
A series of illustrations showing the life of business travelers, including smart packing and tiny airport bars working as an office!
Save The Children
Illustration project created within Estudio Infanta for Save The Children Fund, raising awareness on how to protect kids.
#Cambia la historia by DW Akademie
Part of an illustration project created within Estudio Infanta for the website Cambia la historia for DW Akademie.
'Message Privately'
Illustrations for BBDO's WhatsApp campaign about keeping our conversations private.
'Healing Mushrooms' for Commons Botanical
Three joyful illustrations for the launch of Commons Botanicals merch.
Momiji's Anniversary
Illustrations to celebrate Momiji's third anniversary, and their founder Cecy Young.
Mezcalite Pop!
Illustration series worked alongside AndresG Studio for the lovely interior design at Mezcalite Pop in Oaxaca City.
'Libro Amarillo' by Palacio de Hierro
Illustration series that works as a blank canvas for jewelry to be displayed in Palacio de Hierro's biannual 'Libro Amarillo' (Yellow Book).
'Voz Hermana' by Nike x Malvestida
Illustration project for Malvestida's collaboration with Nike on their campaign 'Voz Hermana'.
'Sabores de México' for Google Arts & Culture
Illustration for Google Arts & Culture's Mexican food project 'Sabores de México' (Flavours of Mexico).
Raquel Morton Gift Cards by Anécdota Studio
Two mirror illustrations for Raquel Morton's beautiful Mexican jewelry line.
Beija London Lingerie
Illustration for Beija's September 2019 featured print, free with every order!
'Sofa Week' for Gaia Design
Mini-series of illustrations for Gaia's 'Sofa Week' campaign back in 2020.
'The Collector' from Women of Mexico Series
Personal illustration project showcasing the beauty and strength of Mexican women working the land.
Casa Salt's Anniversary
Illustration for Casa Salt's third Anniversary, displayed on flyers, tote bags, and a window vinyl.
2020 Women's Power Calendar
Illustrated series created for Trinidad Cuesta's personal project.
Women of Mexico
Ongoing illustration project celebrating Mexican women: Their brown skin and features, both strong and delicate.
GAF : '10 Films by Women to Watch During Lockdown'
Commission by Girls at Films to illustrate their article on films directed by women to watch during the first lockdown.
'Untitled' for Iberoamérica Ilustra
A series of illustrations that became Official Selection at the VII Catálogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración 2019.
Paloma Lira Scorpion Rising SS 19
Illustration work for Paloma Lira's runway 2019 show, accentuating the casting's diverse body shapes and look.
'Leading Ladies' for Azap Flores
Four leading ladies illustrated for Azap Flores' Women's Day chocolate wrappers and stationery products.
'Remarkable Women' for Stylist UK
A series of illustrations for Stylist's 'Remarkable Women' in partnership with Philosophy.
Doors I : 'Patience'
An illustration about waiting for something that might never come.
Illustration about change, growth, and blossoming.
Illustration to explore saturated colors clashing together.
Taste Vol. I
A new stripped-down series focusing on my favorite thing in the world: Food.
'I See You'
A flirty illustration playing with color and texture in Procreate.
Places & Spaces
Tiny series that brings my illustrations to life done in collaboration with the incredible team at We Are Batch!
Memory Lane
A miscellaneous collection of personal illustrations I still hold dear to my heart.